Fall 2014

Sept 5 – Sept 7

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Info & FAQ







For visiting students:

Where will I sleep?

We'll provide a dedicated room for visiting students to sleep in. You should bring any sleeping materials that you'll want. (Bring your own sleeping bag and teddy bear.)

How can I get to the Homewood Campus?

The University's official page about getting to the Homewood campus can be found here.

For students coming from local Baltimore schools, we recommend taking the CollegeTown Shuttle.

For students coming from DC schools, we highly recommend taking the MARC train to Penn Station and then taking the JHMI shuttle or a Taxi from there. (If you take a Taxi make sure to tell the driver that you are going the the Homewood campus!)

For other students, we highly recommend taking Bolt Bus. The Bolt Bus Baltimore drop off location is right next to Penn Station, from Penn Station you can take the JHMI shuttle or a Taxi to get to the Homewood campus.

Remember, we are providing sleeping space for visiting students, so you only need to worry about getting to Hopkins on Friday night and leaving on Sunday afternoon.

I have a question!

Please email us at HopHacks@gmail.com!

For all participants:

What is HopHacks?

HopHacks is a student run, 36 hour Hackathon located in Baltimore, MD at the Johns Hopkins University. This event brings engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs together to explore brand new ideas, compete for prizes, and create amazing applications. It allows skilled students to showcase their hard work and knowledge. The great applications students build in the 36 hours are meant to be the starting point for world changing ideas.

How can I register?

Registration will open soon — stay tuned!

Who can participate?

Any university student, regardless of university, may participate. Graduate and undergraduate students from all departments and divisions are welcome.

Who will be there?

In addition to all the students competing, many major and local tech companies will be sending employees to mentor students.

What are the prizes?

The prizes awarded by the HopHacks judges are a $1024 grand prize, a $512 second place prize, and a $256 third place prize, although additional prizes may be awarded by individual sponsors.

Who are the judges?

The judges will probably be professors from the JHU CS department and some important software companies; we will have more info closer to HopHacks.

How do I sleep/eat?

Silly goose, you don't!

But actually, we will be providing all meals during the event as well as snacks, all you need to do is come and focus on your hack. You can leave to sleep whenever you want, but please note that all hacking must be done at the hackathon site.

Who is on the HopHacks organization team?

Nate Schloss – Class of 2014 – Computer Science

Tyler Cloutier – Class of 2014 – Computer Science / ChemBE

Ben Glickman – Class of 2015 – Computer Science / Applied Math and Statistics

Catherine Rinaldo – Class of 2014 – Physics

Jordan Matelsky – Class of 2016 – Neuroscience & Computer Science

Rebecca Wilson – Class of 2015 – Computer Science

Tuvia Lerea – Class of 2015 – Computer Science

Daniel Swann – Class of 2015 – Computer Science

Faculty Advisor: Joanne Selinski – PhD 1996 – Computer Science

I have a question!

Please email us at HopHacks@gmail.com!

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